Where have we arrived?

January, 31st 2022: today aCT is officially closed. The energy and the enthusiasm of this experience will surely pave the way for new adventures and new projects. Thank you all!

January, 29th 2022: despite Omicron, we succeeded in holding the finale Act’s Multiplier Event in Genoa. We welcomed Oscar and Lola, two expert mediators from Barcelona, and the friends and partners of Red Artemisa (Madrid); we disseminated our project and its outcomes among the third-sector workers from our city, with students and their teachers. We also presented another project, stemmed from the partnership between San Marcellino and UniGe: a big surprise for all those who were there, in person or at home. Here you will find the video. We ended with a lesson by professor Remotti: even during these complicated times, we managed to involve a high school from our city (Sandro Pertini). Being able to reach so many young people through aCT filled us with energy and enthusiasm. It was demanding, but also so rewarding. Thanks everybody! You’ll find all the materials in the Resources section.

January, 19th 2022: we are getting ready for the final Multiplier Event. Fingers crossed in this pandemic times!  Download the programme

You can also watch the IO2’s introductory video, created and shot by aCT's students. IO2 is available online: here.

November, 8th 2021: and the Multiplier Event in Bragança was a big success once again!

October, 28th 2021: the intense activities in Madrid (Train-the-Trainers Event and Multiplier Event) have ended. We met in person and with so much enthusiasm!! You’ll find the programme in News&Events and on our homepage. You’ll also find some images below, and here aCT’s presentation during the Multiplier Event.

October, 1st 2021: meeting in person and international mobility, at last! Being able to know each other in person, sociability and relationships… These are our first impressions just after the ending of the Fall School that followed our Summer School (you’ll find some information about the Summer School below). Here you’ll find the programme: aCT Fall School community and peer mediation and closing conference professor Francesco Remotti. You will find some pics and the link to professor Remotti’s keynote lecture here.

July, 15th 2021: we arrived to the end of the first part of our Summer School! You’ll find here some pictures taken during some moments of this engaging event. This is the programme: aCT Summer School in community and peer mediation. See you in September for the second part, we’ll be waiting for you!

In the meanwhile, you’ll find here the video created by two UniGe students: Bryan, and Jacqueline – one of the true souls of aCT.

June, 11th 2021: we’re in Cesena (IT). While it was not possible to turn this event into an occasion for international mobility, we are nonetheless proud to hold this first Multiplier Event, that was originally planned in May 2020. The Event has been held in person and respecting all safety measures. On the 9th of June, we met with some local key actors, political representatives and social workers, and Giovanni Moro as invited speaker. On the 11th, we set up a workshop to give the opportunity to live a community and peer mediation experience.

We thank the City Council of Cesena and Rete di Mediazione - Azienda Servizi alla Persona for their help in having made all this possible.

You will find the video of the Event (June, 9th) at this link:

You will also find aCT’s presentation here

Below, you’ll find some pictures taken during the Multiplier Events. 



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